Early Bird- Sunrise

This picture was taken during sunrise at Cape Canaveral in Florida. We visited the Kennedy Space Center for the NASA’s Orion spacecraft launch which was scheduled for early morning. While waiting for the launch we witnessed a lovely dawn and clicked many pictures.
Another beautiful picture of the breaking dawn at the same location can be found here.

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Five Photos- Five Stories- Lionfish

On our recent vacation at Keywest in Florida we had plans to go for snorkeling. As per our earlier research we knew John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo was one of the best places for this activity. The coral reef at that park are among the most beautiful and diverse of all living communities. We reached the park and realized that due to the rough weather and high tides in the sea they had cancelled all their snorkeling tours for that day. A little disappointed we went inside the visitor center.

The visitor center had lots of information about the coral reefs ecosystem. It also featured a 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium and other natural history exhibits interpreting the park’s unique marine environment. I found this Red Lionfish intriguing and tried to capture its moves. This is a venomous, coral reef fish and on an average lives for about 10 years.
We could not do snorkeling that day but instead we went for a glass bottom boat tour and saw beautiful corals.

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We visited this Church ‘The Basilica Of St. Mary Star Of The Sea’ during our visit to Keywest, Florida. The place was tranquil with the high and wide doorways set along the east and west walls providing refreshing cross ventilation in the nave.

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