Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

We visited Red Rock Canyon in winter 2013. It is located 17 miles west of Las Vegas in Nevada. This area is visited by over 1 million visitors each year and it showcases a set of large red rock formations.

The area has a visitor center which also features outdoor exhibits. There is a one way scenic loop road about 13 miles long which provides access to many of its features and hiking trails.

Since we reached during evening there was not enough time for hiking. We visited the visitor center and took the scenic loop around.


View from the visitor center.


The outdoor exhibit area at the Red Rock Canyon.


Red Rock Canyon is a part of the Mojave Desert and the temperature here is very hot during summers. This exhibit provides more information about the summer season.


We enjoyed reading the exhibits and gathering more information. This was another exhibit on desert heat.


The iconic Las Vegas sign.


Elements of Nature.


We started driving around the scenic loop and reached the ‘Sandstone Quarry.’


The rays of the setting sun were shining bright on the red rocks in front of us.


There were also hiking trails at this area.


We drove further and reached the ‘High Point Overlook.’ We could see the vast dry desert with desert trees.




Further on the road we reached the ‘Ice Box Canyon’ overlook.


The sun was setting now and it was starting to grow dark.


Next was the ‘Red Rock Wash Overlook.’


Our last stop on the scenic loop was the ‘Pine Creek Canyon.’


Art at the pavement of visitor center.

Many people had completed their hikes by now and were leaving from the area. After completing our loop journey we headed back to the glittering night at Las Vegas.

Ranakpur Temple

On our recent trip to India in March we were travelling to Udaipur by road. En route is the small town of Ranakpur which is famous for its marble Jain Temple. This is said to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples. It is said that the construction of the temple started in the 15th century and it was renovated time to time.

We reached there early in the morning and the place felt tranquil. The temple offers an exquisite work of art and architecture.


This renowned Jain temple is dedicated to their Guru ‘Tirthankara Adinatha’. 


The temple has 29 halls, 80 domes and the pavilions include about 1444 pillars; each of them carved intricately and artistically. 


Inside the temple figures of dancing goddesses are beautifully engraved at the pillars. It is believed that each pillar is different from the others in design. 


We could not take pictures inside the temple as photography is allowed inside only during the afternoon hours. 


At the back side of the temple are few rooms for the priests and the other workers. 


We also spotted few langurs in the surrounding trees. They are believed to be one of the ‘Old World Monkeys’. The term ‘langur’ means ‘having a long tail’ and the name suits the animal perfectly. 



We stayed there for about an hour and enjoyed this small glimpse of India’s cultural heritage and unique architecture. We also had food in the cafeteria there and it was delicious. We all were full and we moved for our next destination.


This picture is from our recent trip to Udaipur in India. I was taking pictures during sunset from our hotel terrace when I decided to capture this moment with the stone built fountain in the foreground.

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Mauve- Disneyland

The major attraction of a visit to Disneyland is the Disney characters parade. It is a fun parade with Disney music and dance and is loved by people of all ages. This character ‘Art’ of Disney/ Pixar movie ‘Monsters University’ was part of one such parade during our visit to Disneyland.

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