This picture is of a Blue and Gold Macaw which is among the largest parrots, with tails almost as long as their bodies. It  was taken on our recent trip to Florida at Jungle Island garden.



These kayaks were shot this summer at Lake Sammamish state park in Washington.

These are for Weekly Photo Challenge: Show us what “yellow” means to you. Also find the last week entry for Twinkle here as the pingbacks were not working then.


    1. Good to know that. We went there for a vacation trip this year for two weeks during Thanks Giving. We visited Orlando, Miami, Keywest, Everglades and Kennedy Space center. It was a wonderful holiday 🙂

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    1. Thank you Henry! I try to capture with a good DOF but sometimes I lack other rules which could enhance the picture. Following your blog to learn more about such tips as there are many beautiful pictures on your blog 🙂


      1. You’re welcome. At least I’m a better judge of photography than I am of distances.(I’m still embarrassed, I’ve lived here for 36 years, and I’ve been to Seattle at least 3 times I think.)

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