Snowflake Lane

As Christmas is close by I thought of sharing a post indicating the spirit of this festival. Snowflake Lane is one of the most beloved holiday event in the Seattle area. It takes place in Downtown Bellevue where each night, from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, the bustling streets are magically transformed into an extravagant winter wonderland; featuring falling snow, twinkling lights,  enchanting winter characters and lively musical dance performers.

These pictures are from last season’s parade. We went in early to grab a good spot as the street gets very crowded with families specially of children. The traffic is rerouted during the parade time and people are cordoned at many areas of the street. We managed to find a place in the front row of the sidewalk.

Street view

Street view with the dazzling lights and projections


Illuminating street with colorful Christmas lights


Crowd gathered to watch the initiation ceremony of the Snowflake Lane

Parade begins

Parade begins with the traditional holiday music


Toy soldier drummers leading the way


Candy cane girls


Snowflake princess and prince



Polar bear

Polar bear of the North Pole



Snowflake penguin

Snowflake penguin

Sugar plum fairy

Sugar plum fairy

Snowflake reindeers

Santa’s reindeers

Here comes Santa

Here comes Santa Claus spreading the joy of Christmas


Beautiful snowfall created at the street

Cheerful drummer

Cheerful drummer

This was a fun parade to watch and I returned signing Christmas carols on my way.


  1. What a wonderful parade! The pictures are just beautiful. It reminded me of the time when I was a child and we would go to our Christmas parade (not nearly as fancy as this one) just for the candy that Santa would throw out to the kids from his float. 😀

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    1. Childhood memories are beautiful. The Santa at our school Christmas would throw out candies too and we would rush to pick those and later count with friends and check who got the most treats 🙂

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