Travel Theme: Laughter

This is Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Disneyland California adorned with Mickey’s smiling face. And here is Mickey Mouse cheering the crowd with his dance.



These pictures are for Ailsa’s travel theme this week.


  1. Can’t help but love Mickey!! This makes me want to be a child again and go to Disneyland again! When I was young I use to watch the “Mickey Mouse Club” on Saturday (B&W TV) with Annette Futtucello (I am sure I spelled her name wrong).

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    1. Yes every visit to Disneyland my heart wants me to be a little princess and wear Elsa’s dress from Frozen and walk around with pride 🙂
      And yes you spelled the name incorrect (Annette Funicello) 😛

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      1. Yes I had watched few of the series later. On my recent trip to Disney World all girls in the age of 4-10 were dressed in Elsa’s costume and playing around with joy and I was wondering why did Frozen not release when I was a child 😛

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