Garden d’Lights

We are yet to visit this festival this year but sharing some pictures from our last visit. The garden looks beautiful in cold December evenings with million of light bulbs illuminating in the dark.

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Garden d’Lights is an annual light show held at Bellevue Botanical Garden each year from Thanks Giving to New Year. It features over ½ million tiny lights which transform the garden into a blossoming winter wonderland, capturing the “d’Light” in everyone.

This is a beautiful place to witness the Christmas lights in Bellevue. These pictures are from our visit last December on a cold winter evening.

View from the entrance View from the entrance

Close up picture Close up view with the duck

Central view Central view

Garden frog Garden frog

IMG_5204 Beautifully decorated flower beds

All bushes are covered with tiny lights All bushes are covered with tiny lights

flowers Sparkling flowers and butterfly

Glittering flowers Flowers twinkling with lights

Each corner is lit up at the garden Each corner of the garden is lit up

Grape vines Grape vines

IMG_5212 Close up of a colorful parrot

IMG_5205 Christmas tree at the garden

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Snowflake Lane

With the Thanksgiving day coming in and the Snowflake Lane opening next week in Bellevue, I wanted to share our memories of this event from 2013.

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As Christmas is close by I thought of sharing a post indicating the spirit of this festival. Snowflake Lane is one of the most beloved holiday event in the Seattle area. It takes place in Downtown Bellevue where each night, from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, the bustling streets are magically transformed into an extravagant winter wonderland; featuring falling snow, twinkling lights,  enchanting winter characters and lively musical dance performers.

These pictures are from last season’s parade. We went in early to grab a good spot as the street gets very crowded with families specially of children. The traffic is rerouted during the parade time and people are cordoned at many areas of the street. We managed to find a place in the front row of the sidewalk.

Street view Street view with the dazzling lights and projections

IMG_5123 Illuminating street with colorful Christmas lights

IMG_5129 Crowd gathered to watch the initiation ceremony…

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Airboat Ride at Gator Park

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This was one of the adventures we wanted to try during our Florida trip: an airboat ride in the wetlands of Everglades. My recent post on Everglades National Park indicates there is abundance of wildlife in this park; specially Alligators; and Gator park offers close encounter with the wildlife. We drove from Miami to Gator park in the morning. The park offers a souvenir shop, a 30 minute airboat tour, an alligator show and a small restaurant.

IMG_5182 We reached at the Gator Park.

We started with the Airboat tour. There were many groups for taking this tour and we waited in the queue for our turn.

IMG_5183 An airboat parked at one end.

IMG_5184 The tour begin and we started to move swiftly on the canal.

IMG_5185 The tour guide provided us some knowledgeable facts about the Everglades and the alligators.

IMG_5189 We saw an Anhinga on the branches of a near by tree.

IMG_5194 An alligator swimming in the marshy area.

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Grand Teton National Park

We drove through Grand Teton National Park last summer while returning from Yellowstone National Park. We had few hours and we took the whole drive from the south entrance of   Yellowstone all the way to the bottom of the Grand Teton Pass.

The park offered amazing scenery and spectacular views. The day was cloudy so we did not do any hikes in the area.


We reached the Jackson Lake and stayed there for some time. It was cold in early July.


The mountain ranges of Grand Teton were breathtaking.


The Teton Range is composed of some of the oldest rocks on Earth, but the mountain range is one of the youngest in north America.


Few wildflowers captured there.


We reached the Jackson Lake Dam which is a 70 feet high structure completed in 1916.




Another look at the mountain range from the Windy Point Turnout.




We reached the Jenny lake. It was a small and beautiful lake and we spent some time at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.


We stopped at few more view points enjoying the scenery of the place. The last stop was the Moose Visitor Center or Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center.


Exhibits at the visitor center


We spent some time exploring the exhibits and gathering information abut the park.


We left the park in the evening and drove towards our next destination.