Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum



We visited this museum recently. On reaching one of the members from the staff greeted us. He offered to narrate a brief about the history of hydroplane racing in Seattle and the existence of the museum. He possessed great knowledge of the boats and their histories. There were not many visitors around.





We then moved around and looked at the displays, artifacts, models and old photographs. We found plenty of hydroplanes, engines and history around.





This museum has a good selection of boats and the exhibits include some famous race boats as The Slo-mo-Shun V, the Miss Bardahl, Miss Budweiser, Miss Wahoo, a 1956 Unlimited hydroplane once owned by Bill Boeing Jr. There is even a replica of Miss Detroit III, Gar Woods’ 1918 Gold Cup winner.



© cometravelalong


There is also a chance to sit in one of the boats on exhibit. I got a photograph of myself in the raceboat.



There was also a Boeing hydroplane in their workshop which they offered us to look at.



Outside the workshop there was a small fun game of boat racing being played by couple of individuals.



This is a small museum in one of the industrial areas. I would recommend this museum for someone who has knowledge or interest in unlimited hydroplanes and raceboats as one will find legendary boats from 1918 into the modern era.

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