Juanita Beach Park

This is a beautiful and popular park in the area to walk around, have a picnic, or just relax and enjoy the view. We often go to this place over weekends for a relaxing stroll and enjoy the view.

These pictures were taken when we went there last month on a sunny Sunday evening.


As we parked in the parking area we walked to a grassy area with trees providing shade.


There were many people relaxing in the sun or walking and kids playing around.


There is a sandy beach with long walkways stretching out over the water.


This wooden dock goes out in the water and loops around.


On one side is the area for boats to come and park. Since there was no boat then; this place was a playground for many ducks.


We started walking on the dock.


As this is a family friendly park there were many people with their pets walking in both directions.


The view is beautiful with plenty of ducks playing in the water.


We continued on the dock and enjoyed the beautiful view of the sun, the water, the ducks and the houses and trees on the other side.




As we completed the loop we reached an open playing area for the kids with some rides, benches and picnic tables.


The sight was lovely with the kids playing, dogs running, people enjoying and ducks dancing in water.


We stayed there for a while and walked for another loop.


We enjoyed our evening. I like the wonderful layout of this park and would recommend it as a great place to go and enjoy with family or friends.



These both shots were taken another evening after sunset!




    1. Hi Maria, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love this walkway too and enjoy spending a lazy afternoon at this park. I admire your work; specially your sketches. Those are amazing and I would like to follow and enjoy more of your work 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, Ruchi! Thanks for your kind words about my sketching. I enjoy my artwork and it’s fun to share what I do on my blog.

        😊. You have a lovely blog too with beautiful photos!


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