Duncan Garden, Spokane

We were driving through Spokane city in early July this year and decided to take a break and relax for a while as we had been driving continuously for last couple of hours. We checked on the mobile application for places to visit in Spokane and this garden was ranked as the number 1 attraction. We decided to drive to this park and spend some time.



As we reached we realized that Duncan Garden is a part of the Monito park which features few other gardens and a conservatory. Since it was a sunny day there were many people of all age groups enjoying at the park. There were some family picnics around with lot many kids playing.

We walked to this garden which is among the oldest garden styles and have origins dating to ancient Egypt, Persia and Rome. We also got to know that this 3-acre formal garden was designed and built in 1912 by John Duncan, Manito’s second superintendent. The garden was designed in a classical European Renaissance style with bilateral symmetry, a central water feature, and geometrical planting beds. Annual flowers are planted in the garden in late May each year. There is about an acre of flowerbeds and each year approximately 70,000 annuals are planted in Duncan Garden. The view was beautiful.


Since our trip was in early July the flowers buds were still small and growing. The center of the garden is highlighted by a large granite fountain. There were many elderly people walking and children playing around. We walked in the garden and sat on a bench for some time watching the children play with the water of the fountain.



Across the Duncan garden is the Gaiser Conservatory. We decided to have a look there too.

IMG_9368   IMG_9370

The greenhouses contain tropical, sub-tropical, and temperature plant specimens from around the world. The plants were manicured in a natural way and everything was green and beautiful.

© cometravelalong  IMG_9369

We realized it is more than a display house; it supplies the various gardens in Manito park with its plant and flowers. We learned little bits of information from the signs in front of each plant.

IMG_9386 IMG_9381


After this refreshing sight amidst nature we decided to continue on our journey to capture more memories.


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