Photography 101


This a beautiful landscape of a lovely farmhouse surrounded by nature; photographed at Palouse in Washington early this summer.

Photography 101 says: Show us what you see in a landscape. Snap a picture of a landscape. Focus on the gestalt — the entire setting as a whole, rather than a specific subject or focal point within the scene.


This picture was shot at Bali, Indonesia and is depicting a swarm of people; Dancers performing a traditional dance on their ancient stories and Visitors enjoying this dance drama.

This is for Photography 101: It’s a swarm! Show us something that overruns your scene, but observe and compose carefully before you click the shutter.


This architecture is of Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It also showcases the famous and spectacular Fountains of Bellagio. This picture was taken during our trip last summer.

This is my contribution for Photography 101: Study architectural forms, and also train your eye to look for shots that will translate well in black and white.

My initial post of Photography 101: Home will also be a good representation for this theme.