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Forces of Nature

When we visited Yellowstone National Park last summer I was amazed by the geothermal activity at this park. We saw many geysers and among them was this Jet Geyser erupting at the Lower Geyser Basin at Yellowstone.

The heat from the volcanic activity makes its presence known by heating ground water. This eruption is the result of super-heated water below-ground becoming trapped in channels leading to the surface and creating this thermal feature.

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This beautiful sky was captured last summer at Yellowstone National Park. We were driving towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the sky looked lovely with various shades.

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Early Bird- Sunrise

This picture was taken during sunrise at Cape Canaveral in Florida. We visited the Kennedy Space Center for the NASA’s Orion spacecraft launch which was scheduled for early morning. While waiting for the launch we witnessed a lovely dawn and clicked many pictures.
Another beautiful picture of the breaking dawn at the same location can be found here.

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Colorful Monotones


Decoration item at a shop in Leavenworth


Apple farms near lake Chelan


Ground squirrel on a board walk in Glacier National Park


Thermophiles at Yellowstone National Park


Gravel near Yellowstone lake

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Mauve- Disneyland

The major attraction of a visit to Disneyland is the Disney characters parade. It is a fun parade with Disney music and dance and is loved by people of all ages. This character ‘Art’ of Disney/ Pixar movie ‘Monsters University’ was part of one such parade during our visit to Disneyland.

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